Dance Teachers Wanted for Liverpool Kodály School

If you are a Dance Teacher,

  • who lives in Liverpool area
  • who shows an interest in learning how movements facilitate music teaching according to Kodály (and also Dalcrose) guidelines
  • who is willing to contribute to our pupils musical development through teaching group dances
  • who enjoys teaching folk dances (e.g. Ceilidh, English Country Dances, Transylvanian Hungarian Dances from Moldva, Jewish folk dances)
  • who enjoys teaching Renaissance dances
  • who keeps an open mind in trying other kinds of group dances with music pupils
  • who likes to work with both children and adults
  • who has good team-working and communication skills and is willing to continuously reflect on/ benefit from the exchange of experiences between music and dance teachers
  • who enjoys bringing people of different backgrounds, ages and beliefs together through communication, music and dance
  • who is a pleasure to work with
  • who may have children/ grandchildren themselves

Then please write to or use our Contact Form


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