Instrumental Teachers Wanted for Liverpool Kodály School

At present we are interested to hear from teachers of all instruments; however we are especially interested in the application of music teachers showing  an interest in the Kodály approach, who play

  • Piano / Harpsichord
  • Percussion (including Bodhrán) ,
  • Violin/ Period / Folk string instruments
  • Guitar/ Lute/ Gittern / Cobza (not Kobza)
  • Double Bass
  • or who teach Voice / Singing and has an interest in conducting a choir.

If you are an Instrumental Teacher

  • who lives in Liverpool,
  • who comes with/ has an interest in developing a deep understanding of music teaching with Kodály principles,
  • who is interested in continuously using Kodály music teaching in their own instrumental teaching practice,
  • who continuously wants to reflect on and benefit from exchanging information with other Instrumental, Kodály musicianship and Dance Teachers working in the Music School,
  • who enjoys working with both children and adults,
  • who is willing to inspire his pupils and his audience with live musical performance,
  • who is willing to engage their pupils in as much chamber music opportunities as possible, co-working with colleagues of other instrumentals if needed,
  • who is willing to encourage all pupils to share what they learned and perform at various venues including Care Homes, Schools, the Music School, Parks, Family events (such as On Grandma’s birthday)
  • who has an interest spending one week in the summer with their colleagues, pupils and their families in a summer music camp in Hungary, including coaching their pupils as well as taking part in leisure activities with them
  • who has good communication and team-working skills
  • who is a pleasure to work with

Then please write to or use our Contact Form

We are very much looking forward to hear from you soon.

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