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Flyers on Teacher Training Courses

If you are interested in Kodály musicianship teaching, for various reasons, e.g.

  • you  might be a primary school teacher or teach primary school age children in an after school setting
  • you might be a primary school head teacher who wants to improve children’s literacy and numeracy skills through initiating music teaching with Kodály music education principles
  • you might be a singer and want to learn to sight-sing, and want to be able to sing your part alone in a  choir
  • you are an instrumental teacher, willing to learn about how Kodály musicianship teaching can be adapted to instrumental teaching,
  • or for another reason not listed above,

You can try our Training Courses.

  • Kodály musicianship courses help you to learn to sight-sing, to sing a part by yourself while you play other parts on an instrument or while other people sing different parts, and they also prepare you to attain rock-solid knowledge in music theory,  at a level that is higher than the level you teach your pupils. They can also be aimed at pupils, who do not want to teach, just need help with their theory and aural exams. For your information, Kodály Level Gold Exam has now been recognised as an alternative to ABRSM Grade 5 theory. Regardless whether it is ABRSM or Kodály Level exams you prepare, Kodály musicianship lessons will help you to excel at both.
  • Methodology courses use all the knowledge you learnt in musicianship, and will help you to select age- and ability-appropriate material for your children, and will also help you to plan your lessons over a series if weeks/ months/ years. Teachers are given prompts should questions in their teaching practice arise during and following studying methodology with us.
  • Kodály Musicianship in Instrumental Teaching demonstrates how Kodály musicianship teaching can be further used in instrumental teaching, with instrumental examples. Look out for our Special Course for Woodwind Teachers and learn how to teach the foundations of woodwind technique to 5-8-year-old pupils in a one to one setting while boosting them with the foundations of musicianship.


There will be introductory and follow-up one-day workshops as well as block teaching during school holidays.



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